Monday, October 7, 2013

Who is at Risk for Combat-Related PTSD?

Here is a very interesting article from Science Daily, titled Why Some Soldiers Develop PTSD While Others Don't.

Researchers at Columbia University and the New York Psychiatric Institute found that while traumatic experiences during combat were predictive of full-blown Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder less than 32% of these veterans actually developed the disorder. Even with the most severe exposures, 30% did not develop PTSD.

The data suggested that for PTSD to develop some combination of other factors needed to be present. These included:
  • A mental disorder other than PTSD, predating the combat experience.
  • Age - younger soldiers were more susceptible.
  • A history of having been physically abused as children.
  • Having physically harmed civilians or prisoners of war.
This research could be helpful in keeping the most vulnerable soldiers from the more serious potential exposure. Better understanding could also help minimize harm to civilians and POWs.

Catherine Boyer, MA, LCSW
Upper West Side Psychotherapy

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  1. Interesting post. This talk on PTSD entitled Spiritual DImensions of War, Wounding and Healing, may be of interest to you and readers of your blog.

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